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Lions generally live in the rich grasslands of East Africa, where their favorite food, zebra and wildebeest are found. Male lions like this one have thick fur around their head and neck called a mane.
Elephant babies at birth weigh about 250 pounds. They grow to be the largest land animal entirely on a simple vegetarian diet of just 500 pounds of food a day. You can tell that these are African elephants because the mom has tusks and big ears, Asian elephant moms don't have tusks and their ears are smaller.
Hermit Thrush
This young Hermit Thrush is just learning to fly after spending the last two weeks in a tiny nest. Hermit Thrushes eat lots of bugs like ants, grasshoppers and worms, and wild berries. Most live in the forests of Canada and Northern United States during the summer and fly south to spend the winter where it's warm.
Bulls are male cattle and are know for their less than pleasing dispositions. A mature bull can easily weigh more than one ton. They are fond of playing a game that is similar to soccer, only a farmer is used in place of a ball and points are scored when the farmer goes over the fence.
Fish have very bright coloring because of glands in the skin depositing a waste product, called guanin and colored chemicals called melanophores. Fish use their gills to breathe. The dissolved oxygen in the water is absorbed into the blood stream as the water passes over the gills.
Pigs like dogs don't sweat. Thatís why they roll around in the mud when it's hot. When the wind blows over them, the water from the mud evaporates cooling them. The dried mud then acts as a layer of SPF 45 PABA-free UVA/UVB sunblock to protect their skin from premature aging and wrinkling.
Snakes are cold-blooded. That doesn't mean they hog the remote, it means that they take on the temperature of their surroundings. They're not slimy either, but are kind of soft and smooth. Most are not poisonous but some are so it's best to leave them alone unless the snake is a personal friend of yours.
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bears were named after Teddy (Theodore) Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States after he refused to shoot a bear that had been captured during a hunt.

Teddy Bears assist police, firefighters, and doctors in helping kids.
Unicorns look like a small horse with a single long horn growing out of their forehead. The tail is like a lions with fur only on the end. While unicorns have never been tamed, they do like to approach sleeping children and bring them good dreams before they disappear.
Castles castles were built in Europe during the Middle Ages to keep invaders out. The castle was the home to a king and his family. They were built on raised ground to make them easier to defend. The entrance way to the castle is curved to make battering down the door more difficult.


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