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Here are my Valentine's Day print and color pictures. You know the program, click on the Valentine symbol to make it bigger and then print it for coloring.
Symbols are used to convey an idea or feeling. When you give someone a Valentine's day picture you have colored, that picture can become a lasting symbol and a reminder of your love.
Valentine Swans
The Swan symbolizes the soul, enchantment, love and beauty. Swans and Swan Maidens appear in legend and poetry, wherever these graceful white birds fly. They are connected to symbols of purity, dreams and happiness.
The deep reaching roots of the tree symbolize domestic life. Strength, growth, beauty, life and "good fruit" are witnessed in the tree.
Valentine Frogs
Heket, the Egyptian goddess of childbirth, is portrayed as a Frog; a symbol of life and fertility. To the ancient Romans the frog was sacred to Venus, the love goddess. It is also said to ensure a happy relationship for lovers.
Why are frogs so happy? Because they eat whatever bugs them!
Valentine Dove
Usually displayed in flight, Doves have been a symbol of Valentines Day since the middle ages where it was thought that they mated on February the fourteenth. They are linked to Valentine's Day and never ending love because they mate for life and represent peace and tranquility.
Valentine Bee
Bees teach us it is possible to live together in harmony, however impossible that may seem at times. As a community, bees create honey (sweeter life), wax (sealing, bonding, polishing), pollen (healing), and know how to dance in celebration of living.
Symbolic of all sweetness honey is also associated with the knowledge and wisdom that leads to happiness and should never be referred to as Bee Barf.
Valentine Heart
In olden days it was believed that the heart was the center of all your emotions. So to give your heart to someone was to give that person all of your love. Now we know that the heart is a pump for your blood and that your emotions are experienced throughout your body.
But the heart remains the unmistakable symbol of love. Giving someone a lung filled with candy often causes confusion, so don't even consider it.
Cupid is the most famous of the Valentine symbols. He is most commonly shown as a mischievous, winged child of the goddess Venus, armed with bow and arrows. He goes around shooting arrows of desire into the hearts of people. This causes them to fall deeply in love with the first being they see. As you can imagine this leads to some very troubled relationships.
Love Hog
Cupid grew to be a handsome winged man (symbolized here) and continued to bring heartache with his bow and arrow. He accidently shot himself and fell in love with a princess named Psyche. He and Psyche had a few problems, like we all do, but they eventually got married and had a little girl they named Pleasure.
Valentine Kids
The Kiss is the universal expression and symbol for love. Some anthropologists think the custom originated in the transfer of food from mothers to baby's mouths. A competing theory maintains that it originated from pesky relatives who just wanted to annoy kids.
What do you think?
Valentine Message
The Rose was a sacred flower to Venus, Roman goddess of love and beauty. A red rose is often used because of the strong feelings associated with the color red. Whatever its origin, the red rose is the best known symbol of beauty and love. It is common knowledge that red roses mean I love you.
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