Spam Fighting Tools

Here are some useful resources to combat spam. There is more than one utility of each type. Sometimes one of the servers will be unavailable, just use another. There are some links to anti-spam organizations and tutorials on the bottom of this list.
  • Traceroute Gateway from Stayton, OR
  • Whois Finder
  • Whois Gateway (InterNIC)
  • Whois Gateway (Network Solutions')
  • Whois Search (RIPE) Non USA Domains
  • Finger (EUPTC)
  • Ping Gateway (
  • Sam Spade, Spam Hunter
  • Deja News Power Search
  • Lycos Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Domain Country Codes
  • Domain Country Code Lookup

  • Spam Fighting Tutorials

  • Dealing with Junk Email
  • Elsop's Anti-Spam Page

  • Anti-Spam Organizations

  • Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email


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