Question Ivy's world famous IAQs

The following actual questions are infrequently or never asked. In order to save the time of repeatedly not answering them, they have been compiled into our IAQs. If you don't have a question please feel free not to ask. If enough people don't ask that question we'll post the answer here. The questions are presented in the order that they were unasked.

Who holds the record for the biggest soap bubble ever made ?

What should I consider when buying a guard donkey ?

Where can I learn how to make a web site (a real one, not like yours) ?

What was it really like to live in the Middle Ages ?

Where can I find a comparative mammalian brains (with pictures) ?

Where can I find help on throwing Boomerangs ?

Where can I learn some magic tricks ?

My dad says I have to study real hard if I want to be an engineer. What do engineering students do that is so hard ?

Why do cats paint ?

HELP HELP Where can I find a cheap and effective way to combat mind control ?

What is the worlds biggest fish ?

Where can I find more information on Fainting Goats ?

What is the meaning of life ?

I really want to hypnotize a chicken. Where can I learn how?

Where can I make money really fast ?

Where can I get Psyched ?

A giant green Iguana followed me home from school and I think it's hungry, WHAT DO I DO ? PS Please Reply NOW!

Who were the inventors of Kitty Litter ?

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