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A medical and health research page for kids. May be used by parents and health care professionals if they remain quiet and do not disturb the serious students.

American Medical Association Disseminate up-to-date information on health and medical practice
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American Osteopathic College of Dermatology Diseases of the skin, hair and nails
Search American Osteopathic College of Dermatology

American Psychological Association Content in the field of psychology
Search American Psychological Association

ATSDR Hazardous Waste Sites and Children's Health Risks
Search Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Caring for Kids Canadian Paediatric Society
Search Canadian Paediatric Society

Center for Disease Control Health Topic: Infants and Children
Search Center for Disease Control

Children's Health Information Topics related to Children's Health and well being
Search Healthy Child

Discovery Health Electronic Medical Library has access to over one million pages of health information
Search Empowers consumers to become active, participants to better manage their health
No search function at

Drug InfoNet Healthcare and Pharmaceutical-related topics
Search Drug InfoNet

eMedicine Health Consumer First Aid and Health Information
Search eMedicine Health Medical and health care resources for patients and health care workers
Search Selected Health Sites

Health Finder Health and Human services information developed by the U.S. Department of Health
Search Health Finder

Health World Online Natural & Alternative Approaches to Children's Health
Search Health World Online

a HealthyMe Open access to information on the health issues

Human Anatomy Online Inner Exploration of Human Anatomy
Search Human Anatomy On-line

Journal of the Amercian Medical Association Clinical and laboratory articles on a diverse range of medical topics
Search Journal of the Amercian Medical Association

InteliHealth Information and useful products from the most trusted sources
Search InteliHealth

MedExplorer Health and Medical Search Engine
Search MedExplorer

Medical World Search Search full text Web pages from thousands of medical sites
Search Medical World Search

Medicine Net Medical information for consumers
Search Medicine Net

Medicine OnLine Medical information for health care professionals, patients, and consumers
Search Medicine OnLine

MEDLINEplus Health Information from the National Library of Medicine
Search MEDLINEplus

Merck Manual Textbook of medicine most widely used by health care professionals
Search Merck Manual

National Cancer Institute Federal Government's agency for cancer research
Search National Cancer Institute

Nephron Information Center How The Kidney Works
Search Nephron

Neuroscience for Kids Basic information about the Nervous System
Search Neuroscience for Kids

NICHCY National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

NOAH: New York Online Access to Health Full-Text Health Information For Consumers
Search Ask NOAH

Occupational Health Surveillance Program Workers who are exposed to hazardous chemicals, physical or biological agents
Search Occupational Health Surveillance Program

OncoLink In-depth information about cancer
Search OncoLink

Pediatrics Subspecialty Collections from the American Academy of Pediatrics
Search American Academy of Pediatrics

Pharmaceutical Research New Medicine in Development WebDatabase
Search Pharmaceutical Research

Preview the Heart An online exploration of The Heart
Search The Franklin Institute

RxList Database for brand name, generic name and pharmacologic category
Search RxList

Safe Kids National SAFE KIDS Campaign’s Safety Fact Sheets
No search function at National SAFE KIDS Campaign

Surgeon General Health Topics from the Virtual Office of the Surgeon General
Search Virtual Office of the Surgeon General

WebMD Daily news source for health and medicine
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Your Child's Health Children's Medical Center of Dallas Newsletter
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