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My links to information and resources for mom and dad. Developing parents need guidance and discipline. It's sometimes hard to deliver because they're so big and have a tendency to gang up on you. If you have this problem, just add this page to your bookmarks or favorites and tell them not to look there. Then don't worry. They need time to grow at their own pace.

Stuff for Mom

  • American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Code Name "Real Mom"
  • Dealing with Toddlers
  • Educational Resources Information Center
  • Goodkids - behavior control
  • Humor Column For Parents of ADD and/or LD Children
  • Learning Disorder Resources
  • Mom's Love
  • Myria, the magazine for mothers
  • National Network for Child Care
  • National Parenting Center
  • NaturalMom
  • Perpetual Preschool
  • Positive Parenting
  • Publications for Parents
  • Special Education Law & Advocacy - Wrightslaw
  • Women' space
  • Working Moms Refuge

  • Stuff for Dad

  • 100 ways to praise a child
  • Children need their Dads
  • Children's Partnership
  • Connect For Kids
  • Dads and Daughters
  • Dads at a Distance
  • Father Project
  • Fathering Magazine
  • Father's World
  • National Center for Fathering
  • National Fatherhood Initiative
  • National Fathers Network
  • National Parent Information Network
  • Principles of Parenting
  • Slowlane
  • Talking With Kids About Tough Issues

  • Bookcase
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