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Searching for a White Rabbit

Search Tips

Each term may be preceded by the standard Boolean operators not, and, or or. If you search for "rabbit not white", you'll find all documents containing the word "rabbit" except those documents which also contain the word "white". If you type in "and white and rabbit and Alice", you'll find only those documents which contain all three search terms. The default value is or. Thus, a search for "white rabbit Alice" would return pages with at least one of the three terms.

 Altavista's shorthand notation works too. A search on "rabbit -white" is equivalent to the first example, and "+white +rabbit +Alice" will return the same documents as the second.

 If a search term has at least one capital letter, like "Alice", the search will be case sensitive with respect to that word - that is, only documents containing "Alice" will be found. On the other hand, lowercase words like "alice" will generate hits from "Alice", "ALICE", or "alice".

 To group a collection of words, use quotes. For example, the query "coloring pages" (quotes included) would not generate a hit from "coloring book and dinosaur pages". Without quotes, the sentence would count. Boolean operators can also act on quotations: a search on '+the +kitten not "the kitten"' would return only those documents where "the" and "kitten" appear separately.

 Ivy's site search finds words, not strings. A search for "in" would turn up only that word, not "bin", "inside", or "acquaintance". To perform a string search, preface your term with the dollar sign - a query on "$in" would find all words lists above. Note that more complex wildcard searches using the asterisk are not permitted.

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