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Easter Bunny Coloring Eggs


Easter started out during ancient times among the country dwellers in Europe to celebrate the arrival of spring. Today Easter is celebrated by many faiths and cultures each adding their own special meaning.

Easter Bunnies
The Easter Bunny is a symbol of birth, and the abundance of life that is evident in Spring.

The modern Easter Bunny and his eggs comes from Germany. In the 1800's the symbolic bunny was joined by the chocolate bunny, a big improvement in bunny technology.
Easter Bunny
What's the best way to catch a unique Easter Bunny?

You-nique up on her when she is smelling the tulips.
Easter Basket
One popular tradition is for little and big girls wear Easter bonnets and new clothes. Easter parades are popular to show and see new Easter clothes and to celebrate the new life of spring.
Proud Mary
Colored and decorated eggs are a very old symbol of new life. Many cultures view the egg as a symbol of the universe. Even more than the Easter bunny the colored and decorated egg is recognized world wide as the symbol of Easter.
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