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Here you will find search forms for the major Internet search engines for kids.

Below these are Internet search engine links, links to web guides for kids, some specialized search engine forms and specialized search engine links of interest to kids.

At the bottom there are links to family friendly or general WWW filtered search engines and links to more pages like this.

Ask for Kids

ask a question in plain English
Kid's Search

Google's safe search technology
CyberSleuth - Kids

search guide for the K-12 student
DMOZ - Kids and Teens

sites created for kids and teens
Kids Click

web search for kids by librarians
Search Engines for Kids
- and what they search -
  • Awesome Library - 14,000 carefully reviewed resources
  • Britannica - websites, magazines, books and the Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • Dibdabdoo - metasearch DMOZ - Yahooligans - Kids Click
  • KidsWeb - Mid-Continent Public Library kid's directory
  • SuperKids SuperSearch - selected sites

  • Top

    Web Guides for Kids
    - and what they offer -

  • 100 Top Kid Sites - 100 Hand Picked Top Kid Sites
  • Awesome Library - K-12 education directory
  • Ben's Guide - U.S. Government Web Sites for Kids
  • Educational Hotlists - links selected by the Franklin Institute
  • ExtremeKids.com - Kids-Links from education to games
  • FirstGov for Kids - U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal
  • Internet Public Library Youth Division - selected sites
  • K.E.W.L. - Kids Excellent Web Links
  • KidGrid - selected sites
  • KidsClick - web directory by a bunch of librarians
  • KidCyber - primary student research materials
  • KidsKonnect - web directory maintained by educators
  • Kid Sites.com - selected sites
  • Kid's Online Resources - selected and paid sites
  • Kids on the Web - selected sites
  • KIWE Interactive - pre-approved sites reviewed by educators
  • Linkasaurus - "official" kids sites
  • Linkopedia's Kid Zone - selected sites
  • Open Directory - Kids and Teens - sites selected by a vast army of volunteer editors
  • SuperKids - selected sites
  • Teach the Children Well - selected sites

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    Specialized Searches for Kids
    - and what they search -
    Animal Search

    searches for animal sites
    EarthCam for Kids

    searches for webcams for kids
    Coloring Sheet Search Engine

    searches for print and color sheets
    How Stuff Works

    learn how stuff works

    kids health site
    NASA Kids

     Specialized Searches for Kids
    - and what they search -
  • Animal Diversity Web - animal database
  • Book Reviews by Kids - searches the World of Reading site
  • BlackDog - searches the BlackDog site
  • Crayola - searches the Crayola site
  • CraftFinder - finds arts and crafts
  • Disney.com - searches the Disney and Family.com sites
  • Electronic Zoo - NetVet (Veterinary) and the Electronic Zoo
  • Enchanted Learning - searches the Enchanted Learning site
  • FactMonster- On-Line Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help
  • IvyJoy - searches the Ivy's Domain site
  • Law for Kids - searches the Law for Kids site
  • National Geographic - searches the National Geographic site
  • Neuroscience for Kids - searches the Neuroscience for Kids site
  • PBS - searches the Public Broadcasting Service site
  • PBS Kids - searches the PBS Kids site
  • Pics4Learning - searches photographic library collection
  • Scholastic - searches the Scholastic site
  • Scientific American - searches the Scientific American site
  • Surfing the Net with Kids - searches the Surfing the Net with Kids site
  • SI Search - searches the Smithsonian Institution site
  • WannaLearn.com - tutorials, guides & instructionally oriented websites

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    Family Friendly Search Engines
    - searching filtered WWW sites -

  • Cantufind
  • Intelibuzz.com

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    Search Engines that can be set to filter

  • Google - Language, Display and Filtering Options

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    More Pages Like This
    - search guides and tools for kids -

  • Ivy's Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
  • Kid Info
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Stinson Middle School - with search engine ratings

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