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The coloring page search engine searches print and color web sites by the subject matter of their pictures. Because the search is limited to these sites you only need to enter a single word to find coloring pages about your subject.

If your search term is misspelled you will not get any results. If you need to check your spelling, just pop open a dictionary window. Just close the dictionary when you are through.

The fewer words you enter the greater number of hits you will receive. You only need to enter "dinosaur", the search engine already knows you are looking for coloring pages.

The search is a whole word search and does not support wild cards. "Pokemon" will find you Pokemon pages, but "*emon" or "mon" will not work.

If your search returns the maximum of 30 records you can find additional coloring sites by using a more specific search term. The search term "bear" would return hundreds of sites because it would find teddy bear, grizzly bear, pooh bear, panda bear, smokey bear etc. Instead of searching for "bear", search for "Smokey" or "Teddy Bear" to narrow your search.

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